Friday, November 13, 2009

Piano Socks

I just had to post this cute picture of the piano socks that I gave my student Alex for her birthday. I used to have piano socks that I wore to recitals for good luck :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last year was my first year participating in the popular music festival Federation. I only entered two of my students that were transfer students because I just wanted to get my feet wet the first year and see how I liked it. I was a little nervous when preparing my students for the festival since they had received superior ratings the previous two years (the highest rating). If they received a superior rating for a third year, they would receive a gold cup. Needless to say, I felt a little pressure when choosing their pieces and helping them learn them. I also had them skip four levels since I felt that they had surpassed the material from those levels. However, they are both wonderful students and are very artistic and musical. They not only impressed me, but the judges as well. Good job girls! And good luck to all of my students participating this upcoming year.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

One of my cute students lost her second front tooth at school before she came to her lesson. I just had to capture the moment! Hope the tooth fairy brought her something good!

November Announcements

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well! I just have a few updates.

First of all I received my new business cards, and I am sending them home with your children this week (it has my new address and home phone number).

Second, the recital date is set for Saturday December 19th at 11AM at the University of Utah's West Institute (it is the same building as last years holiday recital) There is a $5 charge per student participating in the recital to offset costs such as printing the programs etc, please include it in your December tuition. Also for those of you participating in Federation, the participation fee is $15. You may include it in December's tuition.

Third the University of Utah has some wonderful concerts coming up if any of you are interested. They would be a great opportunity to expose your child to classical music.

All of the following Concerts are held in David Gardner Hall (the music building), which is the building just west of Kingsbury Hall in President's Circle. Call me if you need directions.

Sunday November 22nd 7pm (free admission)

Libby Gardner Hall in David Gardner Hall

Pianists Dr. Heather Conner and Dr. Vedrana Subotic performing the music of Ravel and Rachmaninoff

Sunday November 29th 7pm (free admission)

Libby Gardner Hall in David Gardner Hall

Pianists Dr. Ning Lu and his wife Dr. Jie Lu will be performing a duo-recital.

Wednesday December 2nd 7:30pm (free admission)

Dumke Recital Hall in David Gardner Hall

A colleague of mine Lisa Amundsen will be performing her first Master's Recital.

Friday December 4th 7:30pm (tickets available through KingTix)

Libby Gardner Hall in David Gardner Hall

Well renowned pianist Emanuel Ax

Sunday December 20th 7:00pm (free admission)

Libby Gardner Hall in David Gardner Hall

Dr. Susan Duehlmeier and Dr. Bonnie Gritton will be performing a holiday concert.

Fourth, I have implemented a reward program for my students in which they will be earning "Beethoven bucks." They may earn up to five Beethoven bucks each lesson, and after fifteen Beethoven bucks they may purchase a prize. Ways in which they can earn Beethoven bucks are the following: recording their practice time in the practice chart on their lesson sheet, finishing their theory at home, working on their technique chart, and completing other assignments. Please help encourage your child, especially for those in the yellow books, which have challenging pieces.

Last of all, it is very important that each child have a metronome to use when practicing. If you have not purchased a metronome, please do so. Any kind is fine.